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"Welcome to PATHOS"
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Welcome to PATHOS

Leaching of pathogens and estrogens from manure separation products to freshwater

ParticipantsSafe drinking and recreational waters are the expected norm in Denmark, but pathogens like Cryptosporidium and Salmonella and estrogens from pig manure have been shown to leach at high concentrations through intact clay soils.

The PATHOS centre is investigating the persistence, dissemination and potential threat to our ground- and recreational waters of these contaminants as influenced by manure management and pretreatment. Due to recent progress in molecular techniques for Real-Time PCR of pathogens, and new developments in high-throughput chemical analysis of steroid estrogenes, the spread of these contaminants can now be traced and quantified in environmental samples.

Today manure is often treated by mechanical separation or additives to provide a range of processed materials. The mechanisms controlling distribution and degradation of pathogens and estrogens during storage and following application to arable soil will be studied, both for manure and selected separation products. The potential for contamination of ground- and recreational waters from manure and processed manure are investigated through leaching experiments and field validation, using the new techniques available for identification and quantification.

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