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"Konference præsentationer"
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Sidst ændret: Mandag 30. November, 2011
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Tilgængelige præsentationer 

Garcia, R., Bælum, J., Fredslund, L., Santorum, P. & Jacobsen, C. S. (2008): Salmonella typhimurium survival in soil and manure assayed using classic and DNA/mRNA based methods - the role of predation and soil temperature.   

Jensen, L. S., Popovic, O., Forslund, A., Hansen, M. & Jacobsen, C. S. (2012): Præsentation af del-resultater fra DSF-projektet "Leaching of Pathogens and estrogens from manure separation products to freshwater (PATHOS). Præsenteret ved den årlige Plantekongres 2012.

Lægdsmand, M. Amin, M., Kjær, J. Bech, T. B., Forslund, A., Hansen, M., Fredslund, L., Petersen, S. O. & Jacobsen, C. S. (2012): Præsentation af smitstoffer og steriod-østrogener, og om hvorvidt de kan udvaskes fra marker gødet med gylle, og om risikoen ændres ved separering af gyllen. Præsenteret ved den årlige Plantekongres 2012.

Popovic, O. (2012): Pig slurry separation and storage - effects on P, Cu and Zn distribution between separation fractions and particle size classes. Presented at Olga Popovic PdD defendence. March 1, 2012. Bülowsvej 17. Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Trindade, H. (2012): Processing and Reuse of Animal and Agro-food Residues studies at the CITAB-UTAD research centre. Presented at the Research seminar at the Copenhagen University. March 1, 2012. Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Liste over afholdte præsentationer 

Amin, M. G. M., Bech, T., Forslund, A., Petersen, S. O. & Lægdsmand, M. (2010): Redistribution of contaminants from pig slurry after direct injection into soil. Agricultural Engineering Conference, France. To be held on 6-8 September, 2010.

Amin, M. G. M., Forslund, A., Bech, T., Petersen, S. O. & Lægdsmand, M. (2010): Environmental fate of manure-borne estrogens and pathogens applied to agricultural land: Effect of slurry separation. ASA, CSSA, and SSSA 2010 International Annual Meetings-USA. To be held in October and November 2010.

Bech, T. B., Forslund, A., Jacobsen, O. S., Dalsgaard, A., Lægdsmand, M. & Jacobsen, C. S. (2009): Comparing CFU data with RealTime PCR targeting invA DNA in leachate from intact clay columns. Bacterial Genetics and Ecology - coexisting on a changing planet.

Bui Thank Xuan (2009): Detection and quantification of Campylobactor jejuni and Campylobacter coli mRNA in poultry feacal and swine slurry samples. Presented at the 15th International Workshop on Campylobacter, Helicobacter, and Related Organisms (CHRO 2009), September 2-5, 2009, Niigata, Japan.

Bui Thank Xuan (2009): PCR chip and lab-on-chip systems for rapid detection and identification of Campylobacter ssp. in broiler chicken. Presented at the Annual Scientific Conference, June 3-6, 2009, Madrid, Spain.

Bui Thank Xuan (2010): fate and survival of Campylobacter coli in swine manure at different temperatures. Presented at the XXXIII International Congress on Microbial Ecology and Disease, September 6-10th, 2010, Athens, Greece.

Bui Thank Xuan (2011): The effect of Cj1294, Cj1121c and Cj1319 on Intracellular Survival and Virulence of Campylorbacter jejuni. Presented at the 16th International Workshop on Campylobacter, Helicibacter, and Related Organisms (CHRO 2011), August 28th to September 1st , 2011, Vancouver, Canada.  

Bui, X. T., Wolff, A., Bang, D. D. (2010): ”Fate and Survival of Campylobacter spp. in Swine Manure Samples at Different Temperatures”. Abstract submit to the 33th International Congress on Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease 6th September 2010 Greek.

Bui, T. X., Bang, D. D., Rruano, J. M., Høgberg, J., Agirregabiria, M., Walczak, R., Dzuiban, J., Bu, M. & Wolff, A. (2009): PCR chip and Lab-on-a-chip systems for rapid detection and identification of Campylobacter spp. in broiler chicken. MED-VET-NET 5th Scientific Meeting June 3-6 2009, Madrid, Spain. (Oral presentation).

Forslund, A., Tønner-Klank, L., Beck, T., Jacobsen, C. S. & Dalsgaard, A. (2009): Transport and survival of Salmonella Typhimurium bacteriophage 28B and Cryptosporidium parvum from slurry applied to intact clay soil cores. FEMS 2009 - 3rd Congress of European Microbiologists, Gothenburg, Sweden. June 28 - July 2, 2009. Abstract and Poster presentation no.: 180, page 149 in Abstract Book.

Hansen, M., Björklund, E. & Halling-Sørensen, B. (2010): Determination of steroids in manure and soil. SETAC, Seville, May 2010.

Hansen, M., Jacobsen, N. W., Pedersen, K. M., Mariga, S., Ciesielski, T., Nielsen, F. K., Styrishave, B., Björklund, E. & Halling-Sørensen, B. (2010): Using GC-MS/MS to determine hormone imbalance in the steroidogenesis during exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. SETAC EUROPE 20th annaual meeting, 2010, Seville, Spain, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 

Hansen, M., Jacobsen, N. W., Nielsen, F. K., Björklund, E., Krogh, K. A., Styrishave, B. & Halling-Sørensen, B. (2011): Determination of nine native steroid hormones in biological (e.g. bloo´d and tissues) and environmental (e.g. manure, soil and sediment) samples by GC-MS/MS. EmCon2011, Copenhagen, Denmark, Emerging Contaminants in the Environment - international conference.

Hansen, M., Jacobsen, N. W., Nielsen, F. K., Björklund, E., Krogh, K. A., Styrishave, B. & Halling-Sørensen, B. (2011): Determination of nine native steroid hormones in biological (e.g. bloo´d and tissues) and environmental (e.g. manure, soil and sediment) samples by GC-MS/MS. SETAC Europe 21th annual meeting, 2011, Milano, Italy, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Hansen, M., Jacobsen, N. W., Nielsen, F. K., Winther, C. S., Jacobsen, T. A., Jacobsen, A-M., Björklund, E., Styrishave, B., Krogh, K. A. & Halling-Sørensen, B. (2011): Determination of steroid hormones in biological and environmental samples. COW2011, 6th Copenhagen Workshop on Endocrine Disrupters, 2011, Denmark.

Hansen, M., Jacobsen, A-M., Jacobsen, T. A., Krogh, K. A., Björklund, E. & Halling-Sørensen, B. (2010): Elucidation of metabolites and transformation product in pig manure extracts. Transcon 2010, Environmental transformation of organic compounds: Towards a joint perspective on the importance of transformation products as environmental contaminants, 2010, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland.

Jacobsen, C. S., Bech. T. B., Amin, M., Garcia, R., Bælum, J., Fredslund, L., Kjær, J., Forslund, A., Popovic, O., Bui, T. X., Band, D. D., Lægdsmand, M., Jensen, L. S., Santorum, P. & Dalsgaard, A. (2009): Leaching of pathogens from manure to drainage water - assayed using classical and DNA/mRNA based methods. BioMicroWorld.

Petersen, H. H., Enemark, H. L., Olsen, A., Amin, M. G. M. & Dalsgaard, A. (2011): Transport and survival of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in soil columns following applications of raw and separated liquid slurry. Presented at the annual JOINT SPRING SYMPOSIUM for Danish Society for Parasitology and Danish Society for Tropical Medicine & International Health. March 25, 2011, Frederiksberg, Denmark.